11 kW wallbox 3-phase charger

The electric vehicles are around for quite a while now. Most brands have multiple models in the showroom and the product reaches it’s maturity state. With this maturity state, more and more a standard is also created for the charging infrastructure. The standard charging speed for at home charging is defined at 11kw. This charging speed is reached through a 3-phase wallbox with 3x16 ampere.

Difference 1 and 3-phase

A one phase grid connection is characterized by 2 cables that enter the fuse box, one live wire and a neutral wire. The three-phase connection is characterized by 4 cables which enter the fuse box, three live wires and a neutral one.

3-phase 11kw wallbox

Are you looking for a 3-phase wallbox to charge your car with a speed of 11kw? We can help you out with a variety of models. The most popular 11kw charger is our Besen wallbox. The design, high quality standard and display makes it the favorite wallbox of our clients. You can find this wallbox here on our website.

Do you want a smartcharger that you can control by your phone? Then this 11kw wallbox might be the best option for you. You can easily control the 3-phase wallbox by an app. With this app you can monitor the wallbox, apply load balancing and change settings.