Wallbox charger

Since the rise of the hybrid and electric vehicles also the ev charger has been introduced to our roads. An ev charger or also called a wallbox is specially designed to charge safely an electric vehicle. You can differentiate between three different types where the public charger is the most common one. These chargers you find besides the road and operate on a subscription model or can directly be paid by a bankcard. 

Besides the public EV charger you also can choose for a home charging station. This EV charger or wallbox is located on your own driveway and gives you the full flexibility in when you want to charge your car. In this article you find the best wallbox for your house and see here which costs are involved.

Last but not least there is a third option where you can install a wallbox, a wallbox charger at the office. This ev charger is bought by the employer and can be used by employees and customers to charge their cars. The ev charger for at the office is in most cases more advanced than the ev charger at home. In most cases is this caused by special demands like the requirement to pay for the electricity.

The price of a wallbox or ev charger depends per story and brand and vary between 419 euro and go up to a price of over 2500 euro's. Due to the high demand the production and the prices dropped heavily the last few year. Wallbox Discounter has a vision that driving an EV should be affordable for everybody and starts with a qualitatively good but also affordable wallbox. With price of 419 euro's we offer the best prices in the market!