Wallbox at home with company EV

A big part of the EV’s that are on the road at the moment are company cars. Besides a wallcharger at the office it’s convenient to start every day with a full battery which means you also need a wallbox at home. In some cases the employer pays for the use of this electricity which means that you need to register the amount of used kWh’s. Wallbox Discounter has two affordable options to easily measure the usage of your wallbox:

  1. Use a kWh meter. During the installation of the wallcharger you can add a kWh meter. This small simple device measures exactly the amount which is used for the wallbox. The most basic version costs you around 40 euro and is available in every DIY store. You also have more advanced meters which can be controlled by an app, these meters of course offer you more convenience but come with a bit a higher price of around 100 euro
  2. 80% of our customers choose for another option. The smart wallbox of Wallbox Discounter can be controlled by app. In this app you can read all information you need about your charging session. With this easy to use app you can monitor the usage of your wallbox but you are also able to limit the output of the charger. With this smartcharge model you are completely in control over your charging sessions!