What are the costs of a wallbox

The costs for a working charger consist out of 4 factors: the price of the wallbox, the installation, the adjustments there have to be made in your power supply and the costs of the energy

Costs wallbox

The price of the charger consists out of a couple of factors:

  • The faster the charger can load, the higher the price
  • Options you would like to have like load balancing, a personal key to unlock the charger or a longer cable
  • Brand of the charger

Depending on these factors the cheapest wallbox we can offer you is the 3KW plug&play charger for a price of 419 euro where the most expensive version can go up to 650 euro if you go for a longer cable and all options you can think of. 

Costs of installation

we advise to have the installation of the charger done by an expert. These engineers are found anywhere in your country and in most cases there is also one in your town who can support you. The costs for the installation varies based on a couple of factors:

  • Current situation in the fuse box
  • Distance from fuse box to point of installation
  • Country & location of installation

Costs network operator

The current power supply is not always sufficient for the wallbox you want to install. The standard power supply in Europe varies per country but in general we see that the 3KW and 7KW nearly always can be installed without big changes to the current infrastructure.

When you choose to load faster with 11kw or 22kw we see that in most cases changes need to be made. The costs of these changes vary per country but are easily between the 250 and 1000 euro. 

Costs of electricity

Last but not least you will have to take into account the costs of electricity. These costs are depending on your electricity supplier but are always cheaper than when you charge your car at a public charger. 

Some of our smartcharge wallboxes are able to measure the consumption so you can calculate exactly your electricity usage per kilometer of per full charge.