Wallboxes & mobile ev car chargers for the Ford Focus Electric

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Are you looking for the best charging option for an Ford Focus Electric? Then you have come to the right place, because you don’t need a Ford wallbox to charge your car. There are many possibilities to charge your car and we help you to make the right choice, step by step.

The Ford Focus Electric needs a Yazaki type 1 plug and the car has a maximum AC charging capacity of 6.6 kW. This means that your car with a wallbox for your home will never charge faster than that. In addition, the car has an usable battery capacity of 19.6 kWh.

Of course, it is also possible that you do not want to use a wallbox but a mobile wallbox or a wallbox with a lower charging capacity. That's why you'll find all the important charging information about the Ford Focus Electric here.

Charge pointMax.PowerTime
Mobile wallbox
(2.3 kW)
230V / 1x10A    2.3 kW 10h15m
1-phase 16A
(3.7 kW)
230V / 1x16A    3.7 kW 6h15m
1-phase 25A 
(5.8 kW)
230V / 1x25A    5.8 kW 4h
1-phase 32A 
(7.4 kW)
230V / 1x29A    6.6 kW * 3h30m
3-phase 16A 
(11 kW)
230V / 1x16A    3.7 kW * 6h15m
3-phase 25A 
(17 kW)
230V / 1x25A    5.8 kW * 4h
3-phase 32A 
(22 kW)
230V / 1x29A    6.6 kW * 3h30m

* = Charging speed limited by vehicle

EV Charging cable for Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric has a Yazaki connection, so it requires a type 1 ev charging cable. The car has a 1-phase 6.6 kW charging capacity. It is therefore possible to use both a phase 3 and phase 1 ev charging cable, because a heavier cable has no influence on the charging capacity.

Looking for a charging cable for this car? Then click here.

Wallbox for Ford Focus Electric

The electric Ford Focus Electric has a maximum charging power of 6.6 kW with an usable battery capacity of 19.6 kWh. This means that charging via a wallbox is advisable. A number of things are useful to know for this. A wallbox with a heavier charging capacity will not charge more than the maximum load capacity of your car, but it can't hurt either. A wallbox with a lighter power is also possible and can be useful, for example, when the fuse box is not suitable for heavy charging. The wallbox will never charge heavier than what it is made for. Wallboxes have 4 charging capacities, provided that these cannot be adjusted yourself:

3.7 kW wallbox (1 phase of 16A): will charge a maximum of 3.7 kW for this car.
7.4 kW wallbox (1 phase of 32A): will charge a maximum of 6.6 kW for this car.
11 kW wallbox (3 phases of 16A): will charge a maximum of 3.7 kW for this car.
22 kW wallbox (3 phases of 32A): will charge a maximum of 6.6 kW for this car.

Fuse box connection for the wallbox
Choosing the best wallbox for your Ford Focus Electric depends not only on the possibilities of the car but also for a large part of the fuse box connection. Especially whether you have a 1 or 3 phase connection at home or at work. If you have a 3 phase connection at home or at work, make sure you can charge 6.6 kW on 1 phase, which is often not possible. In that case, choose a wallbox withmanual or dynamic load balancing to get the most possible power out of 1 phase. If you want to buy a 3 phase wallbox we recommend your buy a wallbox with socket so you can use it for other cars too. Due to the fact that most new cars have a type 2 connection.
1 phase connection,  you can charge the maximum charging capacity of 6.6 kW, but you must pay attention that you have enough power left over for the rest of the house or business location. A wallbox with adjustable charging capacity (our smartcharge models) or a  wallbox with load balancing is therefore strongly recommended. You can also read this article from us with more information about the connection in your fuse box.

Mobile wallbox for Ford Focus Electric

With a mobile wallbox (also called portable ev charger), you can charge your hybrid or electric car through a normal socket at home. So is the Ford Focus Electric. Sockets at home have a power of about 220 volt, depending on your country. A mobile wallbox is equipped in such a way that it can be connected to that power grid.

For your Ford Focus Electric you need to have a Type 1 mobile wallbox. Of course, charging at home via the socket is less fast, but it can certainly be sufficient for hybrid or electric cars with a smaller battery. A mobile wallbox can usually charge 2.3 or 3.7 kW  (10 or 16A). Due to the high battery capacity of the Ford Focus Electric, we advise you to use a mobile wallbox mainly as a backup or as an emergency solution.

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