What is an intelligent wallbox?

The first choice you have to make when you are planning to buy a wallbox is the speed you want to charge with. The optimal charging speed for your situation and car depends on three different variables. To read everything about these variables we would like to refer you to this article. When you have chosen the optimal wallbox for your situation you can choose between 3 different models:

    1. Plug & play wallbox

De most basic version is the plug & charge model. This basic wallbox works immediately when you connect it to the car and stops when the car is fully loaded.

  1. Plug & play wallbox with display 

When you are looking for a bit more comfort we advise you to choose for a plug & charge model with a display. On this display you can read all necessary information about the charging session. On the display you can find the start time of the session, the total load time and the already loaded kWh’s.

  1. Smart wallbox

The most advanced version is our smart wallbox, we call it the smartcharge. The smart wallbox is at the moment only available with an output of 3,3 or 7,2 kWh. The smart wallbox has multiple functions to inform you but also to make sure you can make optimal use of your electricity connection. The smart wallbox provides you with:

  • Manual load balancing. With this function you can schedule your charging sessions. By doing this you can make sure that you never use for example the kettle or the washing machine at the same time you want to load your car.
  • The power load is adjustable by the app. It can therefore accommodate the available power at your home.
  • Overview of used kWh’s per charging session for your administration.
  • Display which gives you all information about the charging session.
  • Remote control by app and all necessary information always accessible by the app.

Due to the low additional costs 80% of the wallboxes we sell are equipped with the smartcharge functionalities. This make the smart wallbox which is ready for the future the best-selling product of our company.

It's very easy to control your wallbox with your app. Below you find 2 explanatory videos of the Besen smartcharger:

EVSE Master app downloaden:

Apple (iOS) > App Store

Android > Google Play Store orDownload app

* You can also find the app for your Android-device by clicking the link above. You should pay attention to the following points :

1. Please check the boot screen of your charging station. The last two digits represent the version number of the charging station. You can see this interface (image below) of version number when the charger is power on.

- If the number is less than or equal to10, please use the EVSEMaster-10-.apk. downloadfile.

- If the number is greater than or equal to11, please use the EVSEMaster-11.apk downloadfile.

2. APK-files instal .

- Allow unknown sources. In order to run APK-files, you need to adjust a setting once within the menu of your Android-device. To do this go to Settings > Personal on your smartphone or tablet menu and then click Security. Now enable the Unknown Sources option.

- Download APK-files from your computer. Download the file and keep it in an easy-to-find location on your computer. For example, your desktop. Now connect your Android-device to your computer using a USB-cable. The copy the APK-file to a desired location on your Android-device. Finally, disconnect the device from your computer in a secure manner.

Now, in your Android-device's apps menu, search for and open the My Files folder. Go to the APK-file and select the Install option. Your EVSE Master app is now installed and can be used on your Android device.

- Download APK-files directly from your Android-device. You can also download the APK-file directly from your device. To do so, click on the previously described hyperlink and download your APK-file. The download will then appear in the notification center of your Android-device. Once the download is complete, click on the file to open it, at the bottom of the installation screen that now appears, click the Install option. Your EVSE Master app is now installed and can be used on your Android device.