About us - Team Wallbox Discounter

Afbeelding Coen Over Ons

The way of transportation is changing in the world, and thankfully so. There needs to be more sustainable ways of transportation and there are several ways to do that. Wallbox Discounter has set out to do its bit by providing a low-cost charging infrastructure for the world's hybrid and electric cars. Because the more affordable sustainability becomes, the more attractive it becomes and it accelerates the process of sustainable transportation. Wallbox Discounter aims to make electric driving affordable and thus accelerate the transition to CO2-neutral driving.

We now do this with a whole team, each with its specialisation. We find the eccommerce world not always transparent and also somewhat impersonal. That's why we would like to introduce you to the team behind Wallbox Discounter BV.

Vasco - warehouse employee
Is your package neatly and securely packed? Then chances are Vasco has done just that! He takes care of every package. And makes sure products are packed and shipped correctly. He also makes sure that the warehouse is always neat and tidy. Should you ever visit our warehouse you will be amazed how tight it looks.
Contact: [email protected]

Mike - sales & marketing
Started in February 2023 and thus still fairly new, but Mike comes with a lot of experience to build the business further. In addition, he is our solar panel specialist. For any related questions, you can ask for Mike straight away. Mike speaks Dutch, English and German.
Contact: [email protected]

Davy - sales & marketing
Started with us as a graduate and then (thankfully) stayed on! Davy has the most product knowledge of all of us. He wants to know everything about every new product or update. You could call him a product manager, but he also does a lot for us in sales and marketing! Truly a great guy and chances are you will get him on the phone. You can also ask him questions directly yourself. Davy speaks Dutch, English and a little bit of German.
Contact: [email protected]

Jort - Marketing
Our newest addition. Jort is a Commercial Economics graduate with a specialisation in Marketing and will ensure that we are better found in Google, as well as on various other platforms.
Contact: [email protected]

Renée - design
Renée is responsible for everything that has to be "created" or has to look nice. She is by far the most creative of us all and we love to let her do that! She makes our website even more beautiful, but also takes many product photos, for example. Are you reading a manual of one of our own brands? Chances are Renée took it.

Guido - Head of B2B & owner
Entrepreneur for years in the evenings, but now full-time. Guido has gained a lot of experience with corporate companies and charging infrastructure in the Netherlands. He is therefore responsible within Wallbox Discounter for all resellers, but also for advice on charging infrastructure and HBEs. Guido speaks Dutch, English and a little German. If you want to sell wallboxes or advice in the field of charging infrastructure for your company, please contact him directly.
Contact: [email protected]

Coen - head of B2C & owner
Has been an online entrepreneur with several businesses for years. Always wanted to sell a product more related to sustainability and ran across the idea of importing wallboxes from Asia in 2019 when no one dared. By day, keeps busy with everything from procurement to administration and from product development to website optimisation. But prefers to be in contact with all the above teammates to make Wallbox Discounter the number 1 webshop in charging stations in Europe. At an affordable price, of course! Coen speaks Dutch, English and German and you can also contact him directly.
Contact: [email protected]

Huub - Head of Atmosphere, Relaxation & Energy
A Golden Retriever with a clear mission! He provides the right balance in the company.
He provides atmosphere, the right distraction and energy during the afternoon walk.
Contact: [email protected]

We are happy to help you with advice, fast delivery and installation of the right charging station for your car and situation. We do this 24/7 via our online shop but also by e-mail and chat.
Prefer to call? You can do so from Monday to Friday on +31 74 700 2114.