Our suppliers

The vision of Wallbox Discounter is to make electric driving affordable. We only can achieve this goal by working strongly together with our suppliers. Therefore we started a dedicated partnership with 3 main suppliers from all over the world: Duosida, Besen and EO.

Duosida is our partner which is located in the far east. They established their company in 1998 and started with the manufacturing of high quality electrical components used for EV charging. Since the worldwide rise of the electric vehicle Duosida added besides the electrical components also the EV charger and wallbox to their portfolio. Duosida has their own R&D department and develops the their wallbox inhouse. Their most famous product is the Duosida wallbox.

Our second partner is the company Besen. This German/Chinese brand is part of a big group that delivers everything you need if you want to charge an electric vehicle. Besen started their operation in 2004 and became worldwide one of the biggest suppliers. They are strong in design and produce all types of low and high voltage chargers. They most famous products are the Besen wallbox and the Besen EV Charger.

Last but not least is our supplier EO. EO is established in The United Kingdom and founded in 2015. EO delivers a premium product that is focused on simplicity and connectivity. Their solutions are perfect for consumers but EO has a strong focus on business solutions as well with connected chargers, payment solutions and load balancing. The most famous product of EO is the EO mini which is the smallest wallbox in the world.