Become a wallbox reseller

In the past years sales record after sales record for eletric vehicles were broken. The electric car is the vehicle of the future and definately here to stay. Therefore we want to make it possible for more companies to sell wallboxes. If you are a webshop or a car dealer, there are big opportunities in this extremely fast growing market.

For our resellers we offer an attractive discount so you are able to sell the wallbox for an attractive price to your end customer. Check here our complete portfolio.

The process to become a reseller is easy. if you're interested you can e-mail or call us. We will then discuss the conditions of the discount with you.

When you order a wallbox you can choose between delivery at your store or directly at the end-customer. If there are questions with regards to the best wallbox for a specific car, we always are available to support you with advise or you can find the information easily on our website.