Maxus charging station

On this page, you will find general information about charging your Hybrid or electric Maxus and what to look for if you buy a Maxus charging station. Using the subcategories above this page, you can see which products are suitable for this purpose for each model but also specific charging information for each model.

Before you go to this page, it is wise to understand more about what you need to pay attention to in order to charge your Maxus in the safest and fastest way, but also in the way that is appropriate for you. After reading the full page you are set to purchase the most suitable Maxus home charger for your model. 

For instance, there are three aspects that are important when buying a Maxus charger:

  • The charging capacity of your electric or hybrid Maxus
  • The connection of your fusebox
  • The type of plug of your Maxus

Ultimately, the charging capacity of your car combined with your fusebox connection determine the maximum charging speed in your situation.

What is the charging capacity of my electric or hybrid Maxus?

The charging capacity of your Maxus is important when choosing the right charging station. For each Maxus model, the charging capacity is described for each subcategory. Please note that is the maximum AC charging power, which is not comparable to DC charging along the highway.

3.7kW charging capacity is almost only found in hybrid cars and only possible over single-phase

7.4kW charging power is mainly found in somewhat older electric cars or some brands. A few hybrid cars can also do it. This charging power is over 1-phase.

11kW charging power is only possible for fully electric cars and only possible over 3-phase.

22kW charging power is only possible for some electric cars and is always over 3-phase.

Do I have a 1-phase or 3-phase connection at home?

If the charging capacity of your Maxus is known, you can look at the connection in your fusebox. A fusebox has either a 1-phase or 3-phase connection. The simplest thing to do if you have 1 phase charging power and 1 phase fusebox, is also to buy a 1 phase charging station. The same also applies to a 3 phase charging power and 3 phase meter box, where a 3 phase charging post is best. But that does not mean that you cannot have another combination. The rule is that the charging capacity is determined by the aspect with the lowest connection, so this can be the car, the meter box and the charge post. It is also useful to know that you can never charge a 1 phase car, but a 3 phase car can charge 1 phase. If you do not know which charge post is best for your Maxus at home, because the car and meter box do not have the same number of phases, please contact us. That way we can advise you what the maximum feasible is in your situation.

Charging time per Maxus

Charging time varies by model Maxus depending on three variables. Charging capacity of your Maxus, battery capacity of your Maxus and charging capacity of your charging station. The charging capacity of your charging station is partly determined by the connection and construction of the fusebox as written above. When determining the charging rate per charge station, we use the usable battery capacity. This is lower than the total battery capacity because a small part of the battery is used for the air conditioning, radio, etc. What actually also needs to be taken into account is the loss of charging power. Due to various conditions such as a long charging cable, weather or battery quality, maximum charging speed is often not achieved. To give you an idea of how much loss that is, you can think of around 8%, but this can be lower or higher depending on the circumstances. Therefore, we do not take it into account in the calculation, but do indicate it. All electric Maxus come with a type 2 plug connection. All information on charging times for your Maxus can be found by selecting your model above.

You can find all the charging information for your Maxus by selecting your model above.

Type-1 or Type-2 plug?

Type-2 is the most common plug worldwide. 95% of electric and hybrid cars in Europe have a Type 2 plug. The Type-2 plug is also known as the Mennekes plug. It has been standardised by the European Commission as a charging plug for European electric vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. The Mennekes plug can charge both single-phase and three-phase.

Some older models of electric cars still charge with a Type 1 plug. A Type 1 plug can only charge 1-phase and is mainly seen in Japan and the US. All charging posts with a fixed cable have a Type-2 plug. Do you want a charging station for Type-1 plug? Then it is recommended to go for a socket model charging station. For this, you can buy a separate charging cable for both Typ-1 and Typ-2.

Plug information on your Maxus can be found by selecting your model above.

The bestservice

After reading the above story, we can imagine that you might still be unsure which the best charging station is for your hybrid or electric Maxus. We understand that! For personal advice, please contact us by phone, email or chat. Or check out our advice page. Our charging station experts are ready to answer all your questions.