Charging cables for every car brand

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Looking for a charging cable for your hybrid or electric car? Then Wallbox Discounter is the right place for you. We sell charging cables for the car in different lengths. We have the following charging cable lengths in stock: 

- 2 meters charging cable

- 4 meters charging cable

- 6 meters charging cable

- 8 meters charging cable

- 10 metres charging cable

- 15 meters charging cable

Of these lengths we each have a type 1 charging cable and a type 2 charging cable. This charging cable is not for mobile use, but for a charging pole. For charging cables that you can easily take with you and plug-in anywhere, check out this page about mobile chargers. 

What type of charging cable should I have for my car? 

As already mentioned, we have 2 types of charging cables. Namely the type 1 charging cable and the type 2 charging cable.

Now, most European hybrid and electric car brands have a type 2 connection as standard. A type 2 connection is also called a Mennekes connection. 

In recent years more and more cars are being imported from outside Europe. Do you have such a car brand from outside Europe? Then it is good to know that many American and Japanese car brands need a type 1 charging cable. Of course, there are exceptions. For example the Tesla has a type 2 connection. Think of the Tesla model 3

Is there a charging cable for my car make? 

Now that there is an increasing demand for hybrid and electric cars in recent years, the supply is also increasing. Many car makes have already boarded the train and have already introduced some such cars to the market. For those brands there are also charging poles and charging cables. Think for example of the Tesla charging cable, BMW charging chapel or a Volvo charging chapel. For each brand we have a charging cable.

On our site you will find more information per car model of many brands. So you can find the right charger cable.

Here you can find more information about the type, maximum charging capacity and usable battery capacity per model.

If you have any questions about purchasing a charging cable for your car, please contact us via the telephone number:

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or by mail: [email protected]