EV charger on solar energy

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Ratio Electric Ratio Solid 22 kW - Type 2 - EV Charger
Best priced with dyn. load balancing
Ratio Electric Ratio Solid 22 kW - Type 2 - socket - EV Charger
Best priced with dyn. load balancing
Ratio Electric Ratio io6 22 kW  - Type 2 - EV Charger
Ratio io6 22 kW - Type 2 - EV Charger
€949,- €847,-

Charging station for solar panels

A solar panel charging station is the solution to charge your car inexpensively. The good news is that you can now combine such a charging post with your own solar panels at home. You can use either full or only surplus solar energy to charge your electric car. But combining solar energy with power from the grid is also possible. Or if you want to charge your car quickly, only using grid power.

The Myenergi Zappi V2.1 is perhaps the best charging station. But recently there is the Ratio Solar charging station and the Ratio solid ev charger that can also fully charge on solar energy. These charging posts all work in the same way and also have the same features. The main differences are mainly in the details such as an app connection or wireless connection to the meter box via an optional Myenergi Harvi.

Read on below to find out why this is an interesting combination and whether it could also be a good choice for your situation.

Why is charging with generated energy so advantageous?

You may be wondering why charging with generated energy is so beneficial for your budget. The answer is simple. Combining a charging station with solar panels makes it possible to charge the electric car practically for free and use green electricity at the same time. This is already interesting if you generate too much power and feed it back to the grid.

By using these surpluses directly, considerable savings can be made on energy costs. However, the real benefits emerge when the scheme for offsetting returned energy is phased out and eventually terminated. At that point, a charging station using solar energy will pay for itself within a very short time, especially if you charge your electric car with the energy you have generated yourself. Electric cars often require significant amounts of energy, and during sunny summer days, more electricity is often generated than the household consumes.

There will also be options to connect the solar charging station to your own home solar battery. Namely, the Myenergi Zappi V2.1 can then be connected to the Myenergi libbi home battery. The Myenergi libbi will soon also be smart enough not to send the directly stored power to the car, but to save it for the household.

EV car charger on solar energy costs

To determine whether it is worth buying a solar-powered charging station, it is important to look at the costs and returns. The price of solar-powered home charging station starts as low as €689 for the Ratio solid 22kW socket. To get an idea of prices and options, please check out this handy table:

EV Charger model






Cable or Socket

Ratio solid 22 kW socket

€ 689

22 kW

3 CT-clamps




Ratio solar 22 kW socket

€ 899

22 kW

3 CT-clamps




Myenergi Zappi V2.1 22 kW socket

€ 1099

22 kW

3 CT-clamps




Myenergi Zappi V2.1 22 kW + 6,5 meter cable

€ 1149

22 kW

3 CT-clamps




If you have the option of installing a home fast charging station, it may be a wise move to use solar panels to charge your car. While all efforts count, the principle applies here: the greater the solar power, the more favourable the results.

Advantages of a charging station for solar panels

Curious about the advantages of a charging station for solar panels? We list here the five most important ones.

  1. Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness: Using a charging station that can use power from solar panels reduces your dependence on non-renewable energy sources and helps reduce your carbon footprint.
  2. Cost savings: Solar panels generate free electricity from sunlight. By charging your electric vehicle with solar energy, you can save on your energy costs, especially in the long run.
  3. Grid independence: When you combine solar panels and a charging station, you can be partially independent from the public electricity grid. This can be useful in case of power cuts or grid failures.
  4. Increase property value: The addition of solar systems and charging infrastructure can increase the value of your home, as it is attractive to environmentally conscious buyers.
  5. Self-consumption and storage: Some systems can be combined with energy storage, such as a home battery, allowing you to store excess solar energy during the day and use it to charge your EV at night.

Disadvantages of a charging station for solar panels

There are also two minor disadvantages of a charging station for solar panels that it is best to take into account when considering buying this type of charging station.

  1. Initial costs: the initial investment in solar panels, energy storage and a charging station can be high. Although this can be recovered in the long run through savings, it can be a financial barrier.
  2. Weather dependence: solar energy production depends on weather conditions, especially sunlight. On cloudy days, yields may be lower, affecting the energy available for charging your EV. Overall, the combination of solar panels and a charging station can be beneficial, especially if you are environmentally conscious and looking for ways to reduce your energy costs.

Check out the best charging station for home with solar panels here:

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