EV Charger 22 kW

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Ratio Electric Ratio Solid 22 kW - Type 2 - EV Charger
Best priced with dyn. load balancing
Ratio Electric Ratio Solid 22 kW - Type 2 - socket - EV Charger
Best priced with dyn. load balancing
Wallbox Wallbox Pulsar Max 22 kW -  type 2 - 5 meter - charging station
-24%Latest model
Besen Besen 22 kW - type 2 - 6M - EV Charger
Besen 22 kW - type 2 - 6M - EV Charger
€575,- €459,-
Ratio Electric Ratio io6 22 kW  - Type 2 - EV Charger
Ratio io6 22 kW - Type 2 - EV Charger
€949,- €847,-
Besen Besen 22 kW - type 2 socket - EV Charger
Wallbox Wallbox Pulsar Max 22 kW -  type 2 - 7 meter - charging station
-15%Latest model

An efficient charging station for electric cars is of great importance, an excellent example being the 22 kW charging station. There are many types of charging stations available today, including the powerful 22 kW variant. Charging stations vary in power, including 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW and, of course, 22 kW. The right capacity for your situation depends on your electricity connection.

A single-phase connection is suitable for 3.7 kW and 7.4 kW charging stations, while a 3-phase connection offers better performance with 11 kW and 22 kW charging stations. It is essential to know the charging capacity of your vehicle when choosing the right charging station. If your vehicle can charge with 22 kW or more and you want to achieve the highest charging speed, a 3-phase charging station is recommended. Moreover, 22 kW charging posts are often equipped with a Type 2 connection. Ultimately, it is the battery capacity that determines the charging time.

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Cable or Socket

Zaptec Go 22 KW

€ 725

22 kW




Ratio Solid 22 kW

€ 699

22 kW




Wallbox Pulsar Max 22 kW

€ 899

22 kW




Myenergi Zappi V2.1 22 kW + 6,5 meter Cable

€ 1149

22 kW




22 kW EV charging station at home

If you want an unparalleled charging experience from the comfort of your own home, a 22 kW home charging station is the solution. Discover the convenience and power of the 22 kW home charging station. This powerful charging station significantly surpasses standard charging solutions in speed. Imagine how effortlessly you can charge several cars in a row, even the neighbour's car can be back on the road in no time if you want to share the charging station.

22 kW EV charging station charging time

The 22 kW charging station charging time is significantly shorter than other charging stations. It has the ability to charge an electric vehicle significantly faster than charging posts with lower power levels, such as the usual 7 kW for home use and 3.7 kW when using a standard socket.

The charging time can be significantly reduced by a 22 kW charging station, depending on the battery capacity of the vehicle, compared to slower charging solutions. The exact charging speed is affected by the specific electric vehicle you own. However, with this powerful charging station, you are assured of a significant improvement in charging performance.

Advantages 22 kW EV charging station

The advantages of kW 22 charging station - like the Zappi V2.1 - are clear. This charging station is virtually indispensable for charging your EV.

  1. Super-fast charging times: Say goodbye to long charging hours. With a kw 22 charging station, you enjoy significantly shorter charging times than with standard home charging solutions. For example, a kw 22 charging station has an average charging speed of 3 hours, which is lightning fast compared to the 12 hours a 7.4kw charging station takes.
  2. Versatile deployment: This charging station comes into its own in various locations. Whether at public charging stations or at home, the 22 kW charging station offers the required higher charging capacity. Useful if you need to charge several cars.
  3. Enhanced EV-Adoption: With its ease of use, the 22 kW charging station contributes to promoting the use of electric vehicles by offering a better charging experience.
  4. Better dynamic charging: Do you have a dynamic energy contract? Then you can reap maximum benefits when tariffs are very cheap for a while. An off-peak period of two or three hours is often enough to fully charge your car.

Drawbacks 22 kW EV charging station

We are also 22 kW charging station disadvantages to consider. Despite the faster speed of a 22 kW charging station compared to some alternative options, it is still possible that it will take some time to fully charge an electric vehicle, especially if the vehicle has a large battery capacity.

Installing a 22 kW charging station can involve significant electrical connection costs, depending on the availability of the electricity network and the infrastructure required.

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