11 kW wallbox 3-phase charger

The electric car is now out of the start-up phase and more and more brands have a number of different models in the showroom. As the electric car matures, a standard is increasingly being created for the charging station. The standard charging speed for home charging, also called AC charging, is 11 kW. A speed of 11 kW is realized by a 3-phase wallbox with 3x16 ampere.

Difference 1 and 3-phase

A one phase grid connection is characterized by 2 cables that enter the fuse box, one live wire and a neutral wire. The three-phase connection is characterized by 4 cables which enter the fuse box, three live wires and a neutral one.

3-Phase Wallboxes Wallbox Discounter

Wallbox Discounter has several 3-phase wallboxes in its range. The most popular option is the 11 kW wallbox from the Besen brand. Due to the chic design, high-quality materials, waterproofness and the display, this is the favorite number 1 of our customers at home and abroad. This wallbox can be found here on our website.

Would you also like to be able to read the wallbox via your mobile phone and use manual load balancing ? Then select the smartcharge model of this wallbox. The wallbox can be easily connected to the app via Bluetooth, so that it can be read out and set up. 

Should an automatic business transaction take place from the wallbox? Then we also have a suitable 11 kW wallbox for this. You can find it here on our website.