How do I choose the best wallbox for at home?

When you’re looking for a wallbox the choice is not easy. Every EV or plug-in hybrid has his own charging speed and then you also have to take into account the power supply at the location of installation. To help you in this decision we take you in this article through the three most important variables.

1. Charging speed of your car 

The first aspect to consider is the charging speed of your car. This can vary from 3.7 kW to 22 kW per hour, also sometimes referred to as kWh. The charging speed cannot be influenced by yourself and depends on the battery in the car. The higher the number of kWh you can charge, the faster the battery is full. Please note that electric cars with a high charging speed almost always have a larger battery.

2. Charging speed of your charger 

To load your car with the highest speed you also need a wallbox which can provide this. The 4 most standard options are:


1 or 3 phase 


3,7 kW 

1 fase 

16 A 

7,4 kW 

1 fase 

32 A 

11 kW 

3 fase 

3 x 16 A 

22 kW 

3 fase 

3 x 32 A 

3. Your current power supply 

The faster you want to load, the heavier your power supply needs to be. Depending on your electrical installation you can handle a one phase or a three phase wallbox. On average the 3,7 kW and the 7,4 kW wallbox can directly be installed on your electrical installation. The three phase 11 and 22 kW wallboxes need in most cases more power than your standard electrical installation can provide. This means that your network operator needs to adjust your installation.

This is the best wallbox for me:

Based on the three variables we mentioned it’s time to make a choice based on your preferences.

I want to load with a normal speed

If you want to go for the cheapest option and the charging speed is not the most important because you load for example your EV during the night? Then we recommend to choose for a wallbox with a lower payload.

I want super-fast charging

Do you want to get the most out of your electric car, does it have a high charging capacity and does it need to be charged super fast? Then choose a charging station that delivers as much power as your car can handle. Please note that your car will never charge faster at home than the maximum charging capacity of your car. Depending on the charging capacity of your car, you may have to make the meter box heavier or settle for a longer charging time. 

Do you want to know more or do you have specific questions about your situation? Do not hesitate to reach out and together with you we will find the optimal solution!