Eddi - Relay board

Brand: Myenergi
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Product information
  • Article number: EDDI-RLYBD

The Eddi ensures that you can make maximum use of your own green energy. The Eddi diverts the excess energy from your solar panels or wind turbine. This energy can then be used for, for example, the hot water boiler and/or space heating.

The Eddi has the option to install a relay and sensor board, this allows for many different wiring configurations. The following wiring functions become possible:

  • Two independent multi-function relays (16Amp)
  • eSense input (isolated 230V low rate detection)
  • Two temperature sensor inputs (PT1000)

The two relays can be set independently of each other with different functions. They can also be set as a pair. The relays include the following functions:

  • Export threshold
  • Import threshold
  • Control with heating
  • Anti-Legionella Pump Control
  • Timed operation
  • Error signal for BMS systems (battery management system)

On page 32 of the Eddi manual you can find more information about mounting the relay board.

This product can only be used in combination with the Myenergi Eddi.

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Myenergi Eddi - Relay board
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Brand: Myenergi
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