Declare electric car power

Due to the attractive cultivation, many electric cars are leased. Since you want to start the day with a full battery, a wallbox at home is the ideal solution. However, it's so nice that you can easily report the electricity costs to your employer or company. To make this easy, Wallbox Discounter offers two options:

1.kWh meter

MID quality mark
When installing your wallbox at home, place a MID approved kWh meter. The MID quality mark is a quality mark that indicates whether the registered number of kWh may be used for registrations and billing. MID is an abbreviation for Measuring Instrument Directe and stands for the official direction of measuring instruments. This meter gives you an easy insight into the consumed power of your wallbox. At the end of the month, you take a photo of the meter to calculate the power consumed and then declare it. All wallboxes that Wallbox Discounter sells can be used in cooperation with a kWh meter, this is also the cheapest solution!

1-phase kWh meter
If you have a 1-phase wallbox, you also need to put a 1-phase kWh meter in your fuse box. The 1-phase MID kWh meter can be found here on our website. 

3-phase kWh meter
If you have a 3-phase wallbox, you also need to put a 3-phase kWh meter in your fuse box. The 3-phase MID kWh meter can be found here on our website.

2. Automatic billing

As a second option, Wallbox Discounter also offers wallboxes with automatic billing based on a back-office system. The wallbox's back office system ensures that you can recharge by starting the wallbox with a charging card. This charging card is linked to the back office system of the wallbox and this automatically keeps track of all your charged kWh's.

Based on different subscriptions, depending on the brand and type of wallbox, you can also have the invoices forwarded directly to your employer on a monthly basis. If you would like to receive more information about these subscriptions or these wallboxes themselves, please contact us!

Here you will find all our wallboxes, which have a back office system.