Charging with dynamic energy contract

In addition to the well-known fixed and variable energy tariffs, there is also a dynamic energy contract. This energy contract directly reflects the energy market and offers it a variable energy price per hour. Providers such as ANWB and Tibber meanwhile have a special dynamic electric car energy contract tailored to you as an electric driver.

How do dynamic energy tariffs work?

Flexible energy tariffs are energy tariffs that vary by day and hour and are based on the purchase prices of energy on the power and gas exchange. Electricity tariffs are different every hour and those of gas vary every 24 hours.

Flexible tariffs allow consumers to anticipate the cheapest electricity and gas prices by matching their consumption to the different tariffs daily. Consumers can see what the energy tariffs are per hour or per day, consumers can see 24 hours in advance.

Using a dynamic energy contract can save a lot of money. You can, after all, only charge when the power price is low and stop the charging session when it rises again. The size of the savings depends on your own flexibility, the size of the battery and the speed of the charging station.



Dynamic energy contracts electric cars - how does it work?

Do you have an electric car and are considering a dynamic energy contract? Then keep in mind that prices can fluctuate considerably per season, day, and hour. On some days you will pay the main price, whereas on others you can charge the car almost for free.

These price fluctuations are caused by supply and demand. When the wind is blowing and the sun shines, green energy will be abundant, causing the price to fall. If the charging station starts charging at that moment, you drive cheaply and very green!



Which charge post with Dynamic Energy Contract?

All charging stations offered by Wallbox Discounter can be used in combination with a dynamic energy contract. However, you don't want to be busy switching on and off the charging station all day. Therefore, we recommend the following models to make charging with a dynamic energy contract electric car as easy as possible:

  • Choose a model where the charging session can be set via an app. Like the Besen Smartcharge models or the V2C Trydan
  • Don't want to be concerned with energy tariffs at all but want to charge cheaply? Then choose
    the Zappi V2.1. As the only charging station, the Zappi can set the charging speed and charging rate based on current market prices to determine charging speed and moments. This allows you to benefit from the dynamic energy contract without having to deal with it yourself.