What are the costs of a wallbox

This question is often asked because it involves several things and is therefore more complex than you think. The costs sometimes differ for a charging station at home or a charging station for a company.

We distinguish the cost of the charging station itself, the installation of the charging station, the grid installation and the cost of electricity.

Charging station costs

On the one hand, the price of a charging station is determined by the charging capacity. The higher the load capacity, the higher the price of a charging station. In many cases, the type of connector is irrelevant. There are currently charging stations with 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW. To give you an idea, we already have the 3.7 kW charging station from 499 euros including VAT. Fortunately, a 22 kW charging station does not cost a multiple of a 3.7 kW charging station.

Then there are options like encryption, load balancing or WiFi connection to operate/view the charging station with the phone. The prices of the options differ per charging station.

We always recommend having a charging station installed by a professional. It is also important to note that not every installer has experience with installation and this is also important. Every situation is different and therefore no uniform price can be assigned to the installation of a charging station. Things like excavation work (and road works), meter box adjustments and charging station location will vary or even be omitted depending on the situation.

What adds a lot of cost is a heavier connection in your meter box. To do this, parts in the meter cabinet, but also at the network operator, have to be replaced in part, more on this in the next section.

Network operator costs

Not every charging station can be connected directly to the meter box. This depends, for example, on which phase connection and how many amps your meter box has. Here we sometimes see that a practical problem is overlooked. As an example we take a meter box with a phase 1 - 35A connection. If a 7.4 kW charging station phase 1 - 32A is connected, this is possible and you still have 3 amps left. However, these 3 amps are not enough for other electrical devices in your house that can be operated at the same time. This is especially the case with older homes. It is therefore often necessary to strengthen the connection.

Electricity costs

Finally, of course, there are the electricity costs. These costs depend on your electricity provider. At certain charging stations, electricity consumption can be measured and tracked, so you can see exactly what a full battery is costing you. It is also possible to connect a kWh meter in the meter cabinet for the charging station in order to keep an eye on the costs, for example for your employer.